Ring Main Unit

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  Ring Main Unit is a group of electrical equipment for transmission and distribution (high voltage switchgear) installed in metal or non-metal insulating cabinets or assembled into spaced ring power supply units. Its core part uses load switches and fuses, which has the advantages of simple structure, small size, low price, improving power supply parameters and performance, and power supply safety. It is widely used in distribution stations and box-type substations in load centers such as urban residential areas, high-rise buildings, large-scale public buildings, factories, and enterprises.

  The rated current of the ring network cabinet is not large, so the high voltage switch of the ring network cabinet generally adopts a simple high voltage load switch with a high voltage fuse instead of a circuit breaker with complex structure. In other words, the high voltage switch in the ring network cabinet is generally a load switch. The ring cabinet uses a load switch to operate the normal current and a fuse to remove the short-circuit current, which combines to replace the circuit breaker. Of course, this can only be limited to a certain capacity.

  This kind of switchgear can also be used in the distribution system of non-loop network structure, so with the wide application of this kind of switchgear, "ring network cabinet" jumps out of the category of ring network distribution and generally refers to the high-voltage switchgear with load switch as the main switch.

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