Houde technology is recognized as "Henan enterprise technology center"

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 A few days ago, the provincial development and Reform Commission announced the list of enterprise technology centers in Henan Province in 2020, and our company (Houde Technology) is on the list. Henan enterprise technology center is one of the platforms with high gold content in the provincial technology platform, which shows the technical strength of the company. This is another authoritative recognition of the company in the field of technological innovation.

 Houde technology was restructured and established in 2017. After more than ten years of historical accumulation and three years of rapid development, Houde technology has become one of the influential brands of domestic pipeline support system. It is a national "high-tech" enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service, and a "quality benchmark" enterprise. It has the first "provincial comprehensive pipeline support system engineering technology" in China Research Center ". As editor in chief and deputy editor in chief, participate in drafting and compiling CECS product standard, national standard and national industry standard of pipeline support system.

 In recent years, the company has taken technological innovation as the basis of enterprise foothold. It has successively established production, University and research cooperation mechanism with scientific research institutions such as northeast university and China Construction Technology Center, and built the first "provincial comprehensive pipeline support system engineering technology research center" in China. Through continuous technical innovation, product test and project practice, the company successfully applied the self-developed high-strength aluminum alloy to the comprehensive pipeline support system, and initiated the "aluminum alloy fabricated pipeline support system". The technology has passed the national technical achievement appraisal, and the two technologies of material development and product manufacturing have reached the international leading level, filling the international blank, and obtained 80 national patents, including 10 invention patents.

 The recognition of "Henan enterprise technology center" greatly promoted the company's brand effect, and created good conditions for continuously enhancing the company's R & D ability and leading the industry's technological development. It will also encourage Houde technology to continuously develop new products and technologies with market potential on the basis of existing market fields. Taking this as an opportunity, the company will continue to increase the investment in technology center and scientific research equipment, develop leading products, increase the mode of industry university research cooperation, open up a new system of innovative technology, and improve the innovation ability and the success rate of scientific and technological achievements transformation. Adhere to the leading role of scientific and technological innovation, strive to practice the spirit of craftsman, and contribute to the high-quality development of advanced manufacturing industry.

Attachment: Announcement on the confirmation of "enterprise technology center" of Henan development and Reform Commission

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