Houde science and Technology Co., Ltd. deeply cultivates the core technology and breaks through the innovation chain, which coincides with the new infrastructure construction

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 At present, the domestic economy has entered a stage of high-quality development, and the digital economy represented by 5g, artificial intelligence, Internet of things and blockchain technologies has accelerated the development of a series of new products, new applications, new models and new formats.

 On November 13, sponsored by Taiyuan Municipal People's government and jointly sponsored by business media, zhubajie.com and focus media, Henan Houde Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd. won the list of "unicorn of China's future" with its outstanding technological innovation ability and broad industry development potential.

Intelligent creation of the future, only gathering Shanxi -- 2020 Unicorn Summit Forum of China's future

Blue ocean market attracts hundreds of competitors

 Industrial Internet, as a new thing generated by the integration of new generation network information technology and modern industry, is not only the key support for realizing the connection of all factors, industrial chain and value chain in the field of production and manufacturing, but also an important infrastructure for digitalization, networking and intellectualization of industrial economy. It is also the expansion of Internet from consumption to production and from virtual economy to real economy The core carrier. As Huang Qifan, vice president of China International Economic Exchange Center and former mayor of Chongqing, said at the 2020 China Unicorn Summit Forum, "if China's consumer Internet market can accommodate several trillion level enterprises, in the field of industrial Internet, it is possible to produce or accommodate dozens of innovative enterprises of the same scale. This is a huge blue ocean, and unicorns in the future will be mainly produced in the industrial Internet system. "

Huang Qifan, former mayor of Chongqing, delivered a speech at "2020 Unicorn Summit Forum of China's future"

 Since 2020, the new infrastructure has once again pressed the "fast forward" button for the construction and development of the industrial Internet. After deep integration with 5g, artificial intelligence, big data and other new technologies, the industrial Internet has achieved remarkable development results. Under the vast blue ocean market, a large number of enterprises have successively entered digital engineering, integration engineering, innovation engineering and other new infrastructure projects, and launched fierce competition.

Break the tradition and show the virtue

 Henan Houde Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd. based on the strategic concept of "technology patenting, patent standardization, standard industrialization, industry internationalization", after more than ten years of industry experience and technology accumulation, since its establishment, the company has focused on the research of aluminum alloy fabricated pipeline support system, learned the leading technology of aerospace materials, and initiated the "aluminum alloy fabricated pipeline support system" This new material product is an innovative technology in the fields of new infrastructure, industrial Internet, intelligent manufacturing and new materials. This technology breaks the bottleneck of material selection of pipeline support system, solves the quality defects and safety risks of steel pipeline support system caused by inherent limitations of material and structure, fills the blank of such engineering scheme in the world, realizes the adjustment and error correction of pipeline installation from the vertical and horizontal directions of the building, and in the material development and product manufacturing The technology has reached the international leading level.

 As the R & D developer of aluminum alloy fabricated pipeline support system, a national "high-tech" enterprise and a "quality benchmark" enterprise, the company participated in the drafting and preparation of CECs product standard of aluminum alloy fabricated support system for mechanical and electrical pipelines as well as the national standard and national industry standard of pipeline support system. It has obtained 80 national patents, including 10 invention patents. The company's "provincial comprehensive pipeline support system engineering technology research center" and the provincial "enterprise technology center" focus on the research of aluminum alloy fabricated pipeline support system, with continuous research and development ability, and provide innovative technology solutions with high added value for global high-end construction projects.

 Today, Houde technology has established product R & D centers and operation centers in Beijing, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou, Chengdu and other places. Relying on the long-term observation and deep understanding of the industry, Houde technology has taken the lead in applying the system to power, pipe rack and other industries, and has received unanimous praise from enterprise customers.

 Under the new wave of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, standing at a new historical starting point and facing the opportunity of new great journey and new development pattern, Houde science and technology will continue to deeply cultivate the core technology of pipeline support system to build a solid support system for promoting the development of new infrastructure.

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