Tray type cable tray

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The vibration damping and energy-saving cable tray is suitable for laying cables in indoor and outdoor overhead, cable  trench, cable tunnel and cable shaft of power cable or control cable below 10kV. It is widely used in energy, electric power, water  conservancy, enterprises, social public facilities and other fields.

The vibration damping and energy-saving bridge has a round and full appearance, and the branch system is made of arc type,  which can better protect the cable while meeting the wiring function, so as to achieve the perfect integration of the product and  the environment, and increase the artistic beauty. Whether indoor or outdoor, corrosive environment or special requirements, the  best surface treatment and material specifications can be provided according to customer requirements. 

Holding the designing idea of aesthetics accomplish power and energy saving creates value, the company strives to be the  worldwide leading enterprise of cable tray industry and promote the product upgrading. The company intends to make great  contributions in the following three aspects in terms of energy saving, pleasing in appearance, vibration absorptiveness and others:

The HOUDE cable tray has made three innovations in products:

Green producing and saving 30% materials 

Innovative design to reduce 3.11% power lost in cable

Global ingenious creation -Anti-vibration patent

The HOUDE cable tray has made three  breakthroughs in the industry:

 It has changed the limited functions of cable tray only as  cable holding and management tool, and attach more ideas like  energy saving, cost reducing, vibration absorptive and green  manufacturing to the tray systems, which redefine the cable  tray product worldwide; 

 It has changed the traditional technology flow that it can only  increase supporting capacity of the tray by relatively add the  thickness of the material. The neo-type energy-saving tray is 1.5  times stronger in holding cables than traditional tray, whereas  costing 30% less materials with advanced punching form  technology; 

 It has changed the price competition mode in cable tray  industry domestically, whereas leading the competition trend  towards energy saving and cost reducing and finally lead the  industry to a new field. 

The HOUDE cabletray leading  development direction: 

Aesthetics, the Goodjin® cable tray  system is not only product, but also art. 

Standardization, highly standardized.

Cable tray type: disc bridge, trough bridge, ladder bridge.

Cable tray material: steel cable tray, aluminum alloy cable tray, composite cable tray.

Surface treatment: steel bridge surface electrostatic powder spraying, hot-dip galvanizing, high-strength anti-corrosion (hot-dip galvanizing + electrostatic powder spraying); aluminum alloy bridge surface anodizing treatment. To meet the needs of all kinds of projects.

Technical advantages of cable tray:

The technical level of the company is at the same level as that of Germany, France, and other European countries. China is the first to break through the traditional production and processing mode of "punching, shearing and bending" in the cable tray industry, and adopts efficient "one-time forming" technology. with the international advanced level of "convex stamping technology", the cable tray products are processed more efficiently, the structure is more scientific, the materials are more economical, the quality is better, and the performance is more stable. Faster installation, safer lines, and finally launched to the community "international quality, local price" high-end products, filling the domestic gap, has obtained a number of national patents.

The company's R & D center, which is recognized as the "Henan Cable Bridge Engineering and Technology Research Center", has a high-quality engineering and technical research team to introduce and absorb international advanced technology at the same time, develop a more comprehensive, more practical bridge new technology and new products. At the same time, combined with the needs of the market, in a number of projects for users to plan a more perfect design, favored by many customers.

Tray cable tray is the most widely used ideal laying device in petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, television and telecommunications, and so on. It has the advantages of a lightweight, large load, beautiful shape, simple structure, convenient installation, good heat dissipation, and air permeability, etc. It is not only suitable for the installation of power cable but also suitable for the laying of the control cable.

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