The Municipal General Hospital takes the role of the "national team" in the high-quality construction of the underground comprehensive pipeline gallery in the Xiongan New District

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On May 23, a consortium consisting of China Xiongan Group Digital City Technology Co. , Ltd. and Shanghai Municipal General Hospital participated in the "Xiongan new area underground utility construction technology list" defense meeting, the research team led by Wang Hengdong, deputy chief engineer of the General Hospital, with advanced technical concepts, solid technical skills and a deep understanding of the planning of the Xiongan new area, participated in the competitive defense of several top teams in the country, with the total score of the first results to win the list, once again with the strength of the hospital "national team" technical style. The list of construction technologies for underground utility tunnels in Xiongan new area was invited for public bidding by the Science and Technology Department of Hebei Province, aiming at combining the new ideas and technologies for the construction of underground utility tunnels at home and abroad, through the integration of the coordinated planning, design, green construction and operation management technology of the Utility tunnel, this paper puts forward the solution of the construction system of the utility tunnel at the international leading level, which serves the construction of the underground utility tunnel in Xiongan new area, to provide scientific and technological support for the future construction of urban comprehensive pipeline and corridor. In accordance with the requirements of the planning outline for the Xiongan new area in Hebei Province, in the urban trunk roads, high-intensity development and pipeline-intensive areas of the Xiongan new area, according to the needs of urban development, the construction of a multi-level network connecting the trunk line, branch line and cable pipeline and corridor. For the vital underground lifeline of the xiongan new area, the research team will follow General Secretary Xi Jinping's instruction of "World Vision, international standards, Chinese characteristics, high-point positioning, " Scientific and technological research is carried out around the following key areas: coordinated planning and design technology for underground utility tunnels: taking the planning outline as the guide, taking the control detailed planning as the focus, and taking the special planning as the support, to carry out coordinated planning and innovative design of underground utility tunnels with urban underground spaces, underground rail transit, urban underground disaster prevention, etc. , a standard system for the planning and design of underground utility tunnels, covering the whole area, managing at different levels, guiding by classification and integrating multiple regulations, will be formed. Green construction technology of UNDERGROUND UTILITY TUNNEL: Study on green design, construction and operation technology of underground utility tunnel, to explore the applicability of Green Building Materials, natural building materials with local characteristics, cleaner production and building materials with higher environmental certification standards, used materials utilization and waste regeneration in the construction of underground utility tunnels, the research on the fabricated and recyclable underground utility tunnel is carried out. Operation and management technology of underground utility tunnel: Developing the intelligent operation and maintenance management platform of underground utility tunnel, forming the whole process online, efficient and convenient, accurate Monitoring, efficient disposal, active discovery, intelligent disposal of the intensive, world-leading operation and management platform for the underground utility tunnel, to ensure the safe operation of the underground utility tunnel in Xiongan new area.

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