Planning and design of Shenzhen Bay Super Headquarters Base Underground Space and Municipal Engineering

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After three rounds of expert review and two rounds of municipal headquarters meeting, the international scheme competition, which lasted nearly half a year, finally came to an end. Led by the Municipal General Institute of municipal affairs, the joint venture of Nikkei design and urban planning and Design Institute of China, won the bid for the detailed planning of underground space and municipal engineering of Shenzhen Bay super headquarters base.

World class urban agglomeration

The peak of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao

Shenzhen super headquarters base covers an area of 117 hectares, with four rail transit and two intercity railways planned. It is an important functional Center for Shenzhen to develop into a world city in the future, and is also the "peak work" of the world-class urban agglomeration in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao.

Shenzhen super headquarters base adheres to the advanced planning and design concept and the highest international construction standards. It is the leader of Shenzhen in building the first demonstration area of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Therefore, the bidding has attracted the strongest planning and design team in the field of underground space at home and abroad, and the competition is extremely fierce. Relying on its deep accumulation in the field of municipal infrastructure, multi-disciplinary collaborative innovative design and whole process consulting management ability, the consortium of the General Institute has successfully won the bid.

On March 24, Shenzhen housing and Construction Bureau and super general headquarters organized and held a kick-off meeting for the promotion of super general project and the introduction meeting for winning the bidding scheme of underground space planning. The General Institute represented the consortium to the investment platform, technical experts and 13 large-scale houses including Evergrande, Vanke, China Merchants bank, Hengli, Shenzhen Metro, ZTE and China Electronics The real estate enterprises and land owners publicized the winning scheme. This marks that the century project of "Shenzhen Bay super headquarters base" has entered the stage of comprehensive deepening and accelerated implementation.

Benchmarking International

Multi system compound stereoscopic public space

Under the leadership of the General Institute, the joint venture team composed of Japan Construction Design Institute and China planning and Design Institute, focuses on international benchmarking and innovation, and puts forward the "6 able" strategy in advance, which is fusible, recyclable, adaptable, supportable, sustainable and implementable, so as to integrate the underground space and municipal infrastructure into a whole.

In a total of 1.42 million square meters of underground space, a reasonable layout of underground walking and public services, comprehensive pipe gallery, underground road and parking, rail transit and other composite systems. It focuses on building a pedestrian system integrating the ground and underground, a public service system adaptable to various changes, and a circular and efficient transportation system. It highlights the integration of above ground and underground, the diversion of pedestrian and vehicle traffic, and the elimination of various ancillary facilities, which embodies the concept of Station City Integration.

The ground floor and underground pedestrian layer constitute a three-dimensional walking system and an all-weather public activity space, connecting 5 rail stations and intercity high-speed rail stations, 6 bus terminals, 35 plots, serving more than 90% of the population, forming a three-dimensional public space and diversified service system with "super cross" as the core.

The project is planned to be a self-contained, north-south interchange and efficient circulation double-layer underground loop system, which is connected smoothly with the Undercrossing section of Binhai Avenue in the south, realizing the underground of regional arrival and departure traffic and sharing of regional parking resources.

The utility tunnel integrated with various municipal pipelines, such as electric power, water supply, reclaimed water, information, cooling and vacuum garbage, is combined with the loop, and the dedicated unmanned logistics channel is reserved. The space inside the cabin is used in a diversified way, and the underground space is intensively used, so as to form a highly integrated municipal comprehensive corridor in the region.

Integration of ground and underground

Multi ecological green wisdom demonstration area

The planning team used multiple natural ecological intentions to design an underground public activity space with a total area of 1.42 million square meters, and created a central green axis and other landmark nodes to form a super destination of Station City integration.

As a super general axis, the central green axis merges ground and underground space, forming a deep bay Green Valley connecting north and south. The underground space is closely connected with the surrounding land by circular pedestrian passage, and the green space is arranged in layers to create a sense of enclosed park. Through the landmark nodes such as towers, cultural bases and characteristic blocks, which closely integrate the above ground and underground functions and integrate the space, the identification degree and environmental quality of underground space are increased, and the popularity is gathered.

In view of the ultra-high positioning, high-quality urban service demand and complex underground space system characteristics, combined with the future development direction of municipal administration, the planning scheme provides high security, high-efficiency and high-level municipal infrastructure services for the peak place with the concept of "safety, ecology, green, toughness, wisdom and intensive", so as to become a high-intensity, high-density and high-energy consumption area in the future Demonstration and leading area of municipal construction.

By means of sponge system, construction of direct drinking water supply station with full cycle process, the goal of full coverage of direct drinking water, full collection and treatment of sewage and high proportion of reclaimed water replacing tap water are realized; low carbon green modern energy system with electric refrigeration as the main part and seawater source heat pump as auxiliary is adopted; underground unmanned logistics system and vacuum waste pipeline system are comprehensively planned to establish unified safety prevention Disaster control center and super total smart city management center build IOT sensing network based on 5g technology to realize comprehensive perception and intelligent management of municipal facilities.

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