Nanning rail transit line 4 opened to traffic

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 On November 23, Nanning rail transit line 4, led by CSCEC foundation and participated in the design by CSCEC municipal Northwest Institute, was officially put into operation. The line is the East-West backbone line in the south central part of Nanning rail transit network, and the traffic artery of ASEAN Business District, with a total length of 24.6 km. Among them, the construction section of China Construction Group is 15.95 km long, including 11 stations and 11 sections.

 The project is located one of the "one belt, one road" business development line, and it is a route full of international new town flavor. The opening and operation of line 4 makes Nanning Metro form a new pattern of "four lines running at the same time and eight directions accessible", and the operating mileage will reach 108 km. Line 4 and rail transit lines 1, 2 and 3 jointly draw a "well" shaped skeleton network of rail transit, officially entering the era of network operation with efficient and three-dimensional development, and accelerating the process of Nanning regional international city. (contributed by CSCEC foundation, CSCEC Northwest Municipal Engineering Institute, China Construction Fifth Engineering Bureau, China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau, and China Construction Transportation)

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