Yin Xiaopu, general manager of the company, was invited to attend the 5th Symposium on underground space

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The 5th Symposium on underground space

From October 23 to 25, the Fifth Symposium on underground space was held in Beijing. Researchers and practitioners of "three-dimensional city and underground space" from universities, design institutes and real estate circles jointly performed an academic feast. The symposium is sponsored by the underground space Academic Committee of Chinese Architectural Society, urban construction Department of Beijing University of technology, Huatong Design Consulting Engineering Co., Ltd., and School of architecture and design, Southwest Jiaotong University. Yin Xiaopu, general manager of our company, was invited to attend the seminar and delivered a keynote speech on "exploration and application of aluminum alloy fabricated pipeline support system in the whole life cycle of underground space engineering".

General manager Yin Xiaopu delivers keynote speech

General manager Yin Xiaopu delivers keynote speech

At the meeting, Liu Jiaping, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and honorary chairman of the underground space Academic Committee of China Architectural Society, delivered a speech. Chen Zhilong, National Master of engineering survey and design, professor and doctoral supervisor of Army University of engineering, chairman of underground space branch of Chinese society of rock mechanics and engineering, Chen Xiangsheng, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, Dean of School of civil engineering and traffic engineering of Shenzhen University, President of future underground city research Institute, former vice president of China urban planning and Design Institute and underground space of China Architectural Society Li Xun, vice chairman of the inter academic committee, Shi Xiaodong, Secretary of the Party committee and President of the Beijing Institute of urban planning, and Shi Xiaodong, director of the Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall, and other masters and well-known scholars from the architectural field and planning of underground space projects made keynote reports.

General manager Yin Xiaopu gives keynote speech

Underground space is one of the important ways to solve urban traffic, commerce and other contents in the city "height". The more developed the underground space, the more effective the underground space engineering construction. Different from the general ground buildings, the underground space project deeply buried in the city has the characteristics of large investment scale, high cost, long construction period and difficult maintenance. It is also a permanent project that can not be demolished and rebuilt after completion. Under normal and good maintenance conditions, its service life is naturally required to be as long as possible. With the development of high-density megacities to "heaven" and "into the earth", people's demand for urban infrastructure has been solved, but there are also problems that can not be ignored. It is necessary to solve various functions and contradictions in the three-dimensional urban space by means of urban design and architectural design with the help of the thinking of three-dimensional city and underground space development, so as to construct a new three-dimensional space system and order.

In his speech, general manager Yin Xiaopu pointed out that as the pipeline support system to maintain the underground space and ensure the normal operation of the city, it is the "lifeline" for the safe and efficient operation of the city. Whether its operation status is safe, stable, reliable and efficient is related to the transmission and transmission of various energy, materials and information, the maintenance of urban environment and the prevention and control of urban disasters. Improving the quality of urban underground pipeline system is becoming a global trend. Only by ensuring the quality of underground space engineering can the economic value and social benefit of underground space engineering be brought into full play. At the same time, it has a huge role in promoting the city's grade, shaping a good city image and improving the city's investment environment.

General manager Yin Xiaopu (middle) group photo of attending experts

President Yin's speech aroused strong resonance among the experts attending the meeting. Relevant experts inquired and understood the characteristics and advantages of the aluminum alloy fabricated pipeline support system in detail, and said that the aluminum alloy fabricated pipeline support system is a system that can meet the needs of the current underground space engineering for a century, and will strengthen the technical exchange and cooperation with Houde science and technology in the later stage of the project.

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