Materials, energy and information technology are the three pillars recognized by the scientific and technological circles, which push human material civilization to a new stage, in which materials are the foundation of various industries.

Complying with the tide of the times, Houde team has absorbed the leading technology of aerospace materials on the basis of the continuous progress of the global pipeline support system, and joined with more than 20 scientific research institutions. The brand-new assembled integrated pipeline aluminum alloy support system was born in 2019, creating a new era of global pipeline support system!

Standing at the forefront of the times, Houde Science and Technology, with technology as the core and innovation as the driving force, has embarked on a unique road of development.

The height of success lies not only in your strength and capital, but also in your choice and direction.

Houde Science and Technology aims to build a win-win wealth platform for all franchisees, unite all people in the industry with common dreams and common interests, and form a strong offensive and defensive alliance.

It is always our duty to serve Belt and Road Initiative and spread virtuous things.

With the spirit of "keeping pace with the times, continuous self-improvement, innovative creation, ingenuity to build dreams"

Continue to implement the development strategy of "technology patent, patent standardization, standard industrialization and industrial internationalization"

By opening up the market together, establishing channels and channels, and increasing the overall sales volume and market share, Chinese Dream, who is committed to realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, is committed to the pipeline support system created by China to go to the world and build Chinese brands around the world. export Chinese standards, lead the new direction of industry development.

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