"Sheng Shiju" debut! Chinese architecture officially enters the era of subway operation

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At the end of 2020, the first phase of high-quality Metro Line in Zhengzhou has been put into operation, laying a solid foundation for the first phase of China's metro line 20.

The first Metro bus operated by CSCEC in China

At the reception ceremony at 10 am, an electric bus with "shengshiju" coating was officially unveiled. The electric passenger car is a type a car with 4 motor, 2 trailers and 6 cars, which is electrified by DC1500V overhead catenary. The total length of the train is 140 meters, the width of the car body is 3.08 meters, the height from the roof to the rail surface is about 3.84 meters, the total weight of the whole vehicle is about 230 tons, the maximum running speed of the train is 80 km / h, the number of seats is 252, and the maximum passenger capacity can reach more than 2600 people. The car body is made of aluminum alloy drum body with high roof. The total number of vehicles is 34, with a total of 204 vehicles. The total length of line 3 phase I project is about 25.488 km, all of which are underground lines, and there are 21 stations in total. The project is the first metro project of CSCEC with all elements of investment, construction and operation. The successful pick-up marks the formal entry of CSCEC into the era of metro operation.

Zhengzhou on the track, "zero distance transfer, seamless connection"

As the first rail transit PPP project in Zhengzhou, the first phase of line 3, which is operated and managed by CSCEC foundation on behalf of CSCEC group, is an important part of the strategic planning of Zhengzhou city to build "Zhengzhou on rail". It further improves the close connection between the four levels of public transport network of "fast, trunk, branch and micro" and rail transit, so as to realize the effective connection of aviation, railway, subway, public transport and taxi, and create various types It is a comprehensive transportation system with "zero distance transfer and seamless connection".

The line starts from the Provincial Sports Center in Huiji District in the north and ends at Haihang East Road Station in the south of Putian station of Longhai Railway in the north. It is a backbone rail transit line from northwest to Southeast in the central urban area of Zhengzhou. It is planned to realize passenger trial operation by the end of December 2020. It is estimated that after the completion and opening to traffic, it will take citizens only one hour to take subway line 3 from the provincial sports center station to Putian station of Longhai railway. Metro Line 3 has better promoted the radiation and driving role of Zhengzhou in the whole province, opened inter city bus linkage with surrounding cities, realized the sharing of resources in the field of public transport, market win-win, and formed the "1 + 4" metropolitan public transport system interconnection.

The most difficult subway construction process in Zhengzhou 

The planned construction period of the project is 3 years and 9 months. In order to ensure the epidemic prevention and control and return to work, the project headquarters of CSCEC foundation, CSCEC southern and Zhengzhou Metro Line 3 have set up a special supervision group to supervise the implementation of epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work; carry out the "three innovations and three bright" activities of Party members to promote the epidemic prevention and control and return to work under the guidance of the party building; and implement the "three zones" closed mode throughout the line Management, kill on time; "point to point" package special vehicles to ensure the safe return of more than 500 labor workers; timely carry out nucleic acid detection, organize more than 1200 nucleic acid detection, accelerate the personnel mobilization and screening; actively use information technology to carry out online office and training, and orderly promote the operation and evidence collection of operators in batches.

The efficient promotion of the project has been highly praised by the Zhengzhou municipal government. At the beginning of the resumption of work, Wu Fumin, vice mayor of Zhengzhou, led a team to investigate the construction site, fully affirmed the various measures for epidemic prevention and resumption of work, and highly appraised the achievements made since the commencement of the project.

The project passes through six urban areas and commercial intensive areas of Zhengzhou City, which has great difficulties in land acquisition and demolition, pipeline network migration and traffic guidance and transformation. It is the line with the largest number of preliminary works and the most difficult line of several lines constructed in the same period. Through actively promoting the standardization construction, the "four no" boutique tunnel with "no damage, no wrong platform, no leakage and no pollution" has been built, and 100% of the completed tunnel acceptance has been passed at one time, and has been promoted in the track project under construction of China construction foundation.

In the face of problems such as underpinning of Zhengzhou North Third Ring Interchange pile foundation, close underpass of existing Metro Line 1, shield tunneling under long-distance and small clear distance sewage main pipe, the project actively carried out scientific research project, obtained 9 provincial and ministerial level construction methods, 8 patents, 27 papers published, and was awarded by the Ministry of science and technology as a key special science and technology demonstration of "green building and building industrialization" national key R & D plan of "13th five year plan" by the Ministry of science and technology Engineering.

CSCEC will speed up the construction of Zhengzhou rail transit line 3 with high efficiency and maintain high-quality management.

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