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Henan Integrated Pipeline support system Engineering Technology Research Center, approved by the Department of Science and Technology of Henan Province, it is the first industry-university-research consortium in China that integrates basic research of integrated pipeline support system, research and development of key preparation technologies, engineering and industrialization technology research, and is jointly established by Northeast University and Henan Houde Electric Power Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

The overall goal of the Engineering Center is to build a leading domestic and international advanced integrated pipeline support system technological innovation platform, and to develop an international leading long-life and high-quality integrated pipeline support system. We will form a technical innovation base, an open service base and an industrialization base for China's integrated pipeline support system, and strive to promote the rapid development of China's construction and installation industry.

Since its establishment, the Engineering Technology Research Center has actively learned from the technical characteristics of foreign integrated pipeline support systems and actively developed the relevant technologies of fabricated integrated pipeline aluminum alloy support systems. it has broken through the key preparation technologies, such as uniform and strong rheological processing technology of large size materials, fine control technology of heat treatment of uniform microstructure, material / construction integrated forming / multiple preparation and processing technology, micro-arc oxidation technology and so on. And realize the engineering construction, which lays the technical foundation for the technical research and development of long-life and high-performance integrated pipeline support system and the construction of engineering industrialization in our country. In 2019, the "fabricated Integrated Pipeline Aluminum Alloy support system" has passed the appraisal of national scientific and technological achievements, and the project is generally at the international leading level, in which the two technologies of material development and product manufacturing have reached the international leading level.

Looking forward to the future, the Engineering Technology Research Center is willing to carry out technical cooperation, academic exchanges and personnel training with all walks of life at home and abroad, so as to play an active role in the technical research, development and industrial application of the long-life and high-quality integrated pipeline support system.

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