The aluminum alloy fabricated pipeline support system has successfully passed the evaluation of national scientific and technological achievements, and the evaluation experts agree that:

  Aluminum alloy fabricated pipeline support system is a pipeline support system developed on the basis of the increasing improvement of foreign integrated pipeline support system. in the world, the project products generally show an advanced research situation.

  It mainly measures the anti-slip force of the performance index of the system, which is 83% higher than that of foreign advanced steel products, and the project is generally at the international advanced level. Its Chinese dragon trough and Huaan assembly support and hanger system have reached the international leading level in material development and product manufacturing.

  The promotion of this project plays a positive role in promoting long-life and high-quality modern construction projects, and has important practical and long-term historical significance in improving construction efficiency, reducing construction costs and reducing resource consumption in the field of engineering installation and construction.


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