Hao Jinghong, deputy director of the Department of industry and information technology of Henan Province, visited the company for investigation

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On June 23, Hao Jinghong, deputy director of the Department of industry and information technology of Henan Province, and his party visited our company for investigation and accompanied by relevant leaders of Zhoukou Bureau of industry and information technology and Xihua county.

Hao Jinghong and his party visited the exhibition hall, R & D center and production workshop, listened to the report of Yin Weiguo, the company's R & D director, on the industrialization project of aluminum alloy support system for prefabricated integrated pipelines, and had a detailed understanding of the product process, technical research and development, marketing, personnel training, project construction, etc., and inquired about the production process and application fields of the products The differences and the development and operation of enterprises, the cooperation of production, teaching and research in Colleges and universities, etc.

Hao Jinghong spoke highly of our company's two internationally advanced technologies for the fabricated integrated pipeline aluminum alloy support system, hoping to seize the favorable opportunity of vigorously developing new infrastructure, gradually expand the market influence and share of products, constantly break through the research and development of products with high added value and high technology content, so as to make greater contribution to the development of the industry.

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